Alaska, Nushagak River

Experience Alaska's Finest!

Simply put, this is a trip for anglers. Dave Egdorf's tent camp on the Nushagak offers luxury, by any definition, in the heart of the one of the world's most exciting fishing wilderness.Nushagak braids

It is an opportunity to surround yourself with wall-to-wall wildlife in the midst of some of the 49th state's finest fly fishing. Far from the nearest lodge, airport, or other anglers, this is a rare, and quickly disappearing Alaska experience, shared only with millions of fish.

The Nush is a fish bum's dream come true. Rise as early or late as you please, because there's no competition to race to the pool. Fish hard all day on miles of accessible river, come back to camp and recharge with a hearty meal and a few fish stories. Then head to the home pools for as many casts as you can throw under the midnight sun.

Nushagak rainbow trout faceThat's how fishing in Alaska used to be, and how it still is on the Nush. The sense of remote isolation is hard to match anywhere else in North America. Your only companions for the week are the folks that came with you, the moose and bears, and a million trout. The fishing is great and the overall experience is so much more than that!

Dave's camp is, in a way, a throwback to the 1940's, when folks heading to Alaska for adventure fishing looked for nothing more than a dry tent and fishing that was right outside the door. The outfitters who accommodated them adopted a style of simple, comfortable, on-river camps that were easy to set up and maintain in super remote regions, and offered immediate boat or foot access to the river.

Each week a load of choice meats, fresh veggies, and pounds of basics like flour, sugar, coffee and bacon arrive into camp by float plane. The cooks use their scratch ingredients and spice racks to produce the best homestyle meals in the Alaskan bush. Think cowboy-cook meets cafe gourmet.

Weatherport tent-cabins are a staple in remote wilderness living. With wooden floors, comfortable beds and weather-tight walls and roofs, they're incredibly simple and provide everything a die-hard fisherman needs to stay warm and dry.Egdorf's tents

Amenities in camp include generator powered electricity, hot showers, outhouse bathroom facilities, and wood-burning stoves for drying gear and warming hands on crisp days.Meals at Egdorf's

"What I like about Egdorf's is that you'd be hard-pressed to find more rainbows in a river anywhere, ever. Combine that with 100 miles of jet boatable river, possibly the best camp pools in Alaska, and the endlessly fishable midnight sun of a Nushagak summer, and very good things happen!" - Mike Mercer, Alaska fly fishing expert